I bet you’ve invested to have a concrete driveway installed at your property since you thought that it would only need minimal upkeep and maintenance. Well, know that this thinking is partly wrong since a concrete driveway still needs a substantial effort of maintenance to do. Below are a few ways on maintaining your concrete driveway: 

Regularly clean your driveway 

How frequent you have to clean your driveway will be contingent on the number of traffic it undergoes and the number of air pollutants. You can always employ an expert when it comes to cleaning your concrete and allow them to power wash your driveway. However, for the majority of us, it is enough to power wash your driveway using a pressure washer every other month for you to maintain its cleanliness. 

Reseal if needed 

Concrete sealers aid in protecting and preserving your driveway’s surface by keeping water from reaching into the porous surface and assist in suspending the weathering effects. But time and traffic will wear out even the best sealer over time. Hence, you have to reseal your concrete’s surface to sustain that protection. It is recommended to reseal every 3-5 years or more frequently if needed. 

Make sure to keep off spills on the surface 

Prevent doing things such as performing a vehicle change oil on your driveway since it could make an unattractive stain. If you have observed any drips or spills, it is best to remove it off immediately on the surface using an absorbent material, like cornmeal, sawdust, or kitty litter. After soaking up most of the spill, remove any remaining stain by scrubbing with water and soap or using a commercial concrete cleaner you can buy in your local hardware stores. 

Prevent de-icing chemicals and salt  

Salt and chemical deicers are extremely harsh on any gardens or grass that grows beside your driveway. What’s worse is that they will eat into your concrete’s surface and make it deteriorate. It is better to spread sand on icy patches to give traction in the winter season. Or you can always opt to sweep it up during springtime.  

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